This is brilliant and a healthy way for me to sort out all the gripping fears that have unfolded through some continued reflections this break.

  1. I fear that I will again find my summer internship unfulfilling…I fear that it will be yet another disappointing experience where I am unable to contribute uniquely, meaningfully, and consistently.
  2. I fear allowing busyness, avoidance, and neglect for self-reflection to cause my ability to articulate my own feelings atrophy.
  3. I fear allowing jealousy and/or passive aggressiveness to tarnish yet another friendship.
  4. I fear going into senior year with regrets.
  5. I fear caring a ton for certain people, then being deeply hurt by them and regretting the energy and time I extended towards them.
  6. I fear romantic loneliness.
  7. I fear becoming close with someone I later realize I shouldn’t have trusted.
  8. I fear losing out on an important post-grad opportunity because of a decision I consciously made (for example, my decision to not major in CS).
  9. I fear getting bad grades (lol gotta be honest!!)
  10. I feel becoming more complacent and doubtful of my faith.
  11. I fear losing unique & beautiful parts of myself to stress and pressure from those who don’t care deeply about me.


I’d also like to add something else, though!! Fears that I conquered in 2016/things that I’m proud of.

  1. Did my first technical interview and learned how to sell myself at an intimidating job fair.
  2. Made my own CS personal project!!
  3. Traveled to China and Taiwan
  4. Created a sound blog, food blog, and personal website (with links to my arrangements!)
  5. Went skydiving~



Will continue these lists as I think of more.


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