Lulls in Life

As I have been bouncing through senior year, I’ve done one significant thing differently: I have not been journaling. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing, because I’m not storing precious memories and am not proactively reflecting. But I would at least like to take the chance to reflect right now because I feel like I have miles and miles of unsearched territory in life all around me, and I’m not moving in any direction.

It’s shocking to think that once school starts, it’s so easy to get into the groove. The groove, I’ve found, can mean one of two things: either you got your shit together and feel hella productive, or you’re blindly going through meaningless motions. I find myself in the latter pool at the moment.

The core questions I always go back to:

  1. Why am I here? Why am I at Stanford, and why am I on this Earth?
  2. Why am I taking these classes? What’s the point of these classes and how important are they to my life?
  3. Do I find myself feeling fulfilled from my day to day life?
  4. Why do I always feel so tired and low in energy when I have so much life to live?

I will leave this [incomplete].

Lulls in Life