Reflecting on Junior Year (Part 4)

What are you most grateful for this year?

I of all people know about friends coming and going. That’s just in the nature of me moving around a lot. But even when I’m in one spot for several, my friend group just naturally shifts. It’s not that I make an active effort to distance myself from people, but more of a part of growing up. Before, I’ve mentioned that I’ve never been so good at making the best of friends, as in the people I find myself closest to aren’t always the people who are good individuals who push me positively in the right direction while accepting me. I’ve definitely discovered the right friendships while at Stanford, but I want to add another layer to that thanks. Amidst all the friend shifts, I’ve found that during my time in college, these past three years, I’ve continuously been surrounded by good people. Such good people. Freshmen year, my roommate and other dormmates struck a chord of admiration within me and I grew up so much. Sophomore year, people who I didn’t initially know well took such good care of me when I suffered health issues and struggled with adjusting to my study abroad environment. Junior year, I built upon the friendships I made within my sorority, and I was introduced to a super tight-knit group where it is so visible that everyone cares about each other so much. And now moving into senior year, for the first time, I’m living in close vicinity with the friends that I know I enjoy spending time with and learn a lot from. From this past year, I think I’ve learned that while my alone time is so precious, I need to better appreciate the people that have just landed in my life out of seemingly pure luck. It reminds me of what Jason Y. Lee had said at the Jubilee Conference last year: Surround yourself with a community that will lift you up. For me, it hasn’t been a singular community. But no matter where I have been, I’ve been very lucky.

What is a really memorable act of kindness you were shown this year?

Andrew Lee. Oh My Goodness. Andrew Lee is someone I met through him being on dorm staff and us both taking 107. While I absolutely abhor this class, I do have to thank it for allowing me to ask Andrew if he wanted to be partners for lab and the last assignment. He is one of the few who continuously keep in touch with me. He is one of the few who supports me in whatever I do, while reminding me to be critical. He is one of the few who ALWAYS without fail leaves me notes in my room, notes of encouragement and thanks. And honestly, I should be the one who does more of the thanks. Those small acts of kindness, he would probably say are no big deal, but they always make my day and I keep them to reread and mull over the state of my life and how I can better myself. He is the first friend I’ve had who told me his story of salvation and rediscovering God, and I feel blessed that he wanted to tell me. Along the same lines, whenever I grow apart from God, he is the one who catalyzes me reevaluating that relationship and taking it seriously. Thank you, Andrew, for deeming me worthy of your time and efforts to show appreciation, encouragement, and give advice. Don’t you worry, I will be making my list of goals for the next year very soon 🙂


What were some things you did this year that you will remember 5 years from now?

  1. I went out almost every single week of fall quarter. My body probably doesn’t thank me for that.
  2. I hiked the Dish for the first time. At night.
  3. Dave and Buster’s is my new playground.
  4. I took a close friend to the SF Symphony and experienced such a huge wave of nostalgia.
  5. My freak outs about the job hunt will probably never cease, but I’ll remember having the epiphany during Christmas break to tackle my fears and insecurities.
  6. I became so much more comfortable in my own skin.
  7. I was in a car that got pulled over.
  8. All those conversations exploring the Asian-American experience and how to approach these discussions with other people.
  9. I got into the coterm program 🙂
  10. I’m living on my own for the very first time.
  11. TL;DR I’ve grown up.
Reflecting on Junior Year (Part 4)

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