Get Out of That Comfort Zone.

Fall has come and gone, and it’s almost the holidays! And here comes the generic time to sit back and reflect upon what has happened in the flurry of activity the past three months and to re-evaluate how I want to move forward into the winter.

Fall was probably the most academically rigorous quarter I have had up to date. As the most challenging yet, I’ve had so many unexpected twists and turns; some of these turned into the biggest disappointments, and others turned into the greatest blessings yet 🙂 I think it’s always a good reminder to be grateful for where you are right now, don’t take anything for granted, and to make the most of what you have! 

So what’s up with the title of this post, you say? Two parallels converge on this.

Now that it’s winter break, I’m reminded of where I was a year ago: on my way to study abroad in Berlin. When people ask me in passing if I would recommend studying abroad, I go “HECK YEAH.” But it’s probably not for the reasons you expect. Truth is, the first five or so weeks of being abroad, I absolutely hated it. I did not understand what the hype was when I was so lonely in a foreign country, losing so much motivation to go out and explore. My idea of fun was oh so different from the typical college student’s idea of fun, so who do I have fun with? But I ended up loving the experience. Why? Because I eventually got out of my sorrows, I overcame these obstacles. I was able to find my independence and venture out onto the streets of Tiergarten and Alexanderplatz. I booked my own plane tickets to places like Istanbul and Madrid. I found peace and happiness being alone, and I still made new friends along the way. Would I have been able to grow up so much and become so strong had I not put myself outside of my comfort zone?

Back in the present, I’m grappling with another issue: jobs. Now first off, I need to remind myself of how grateful I am to even have any of the opportunities that I have; because even if I earned them, there is always an element of luck, you have to be in the right place at the right time. Software engineering at company A, or product management at company B? Which one is the riskier option? Which one is more favorable? I’m very much in a rut as of right now, and people ask me where would I learn most? I think I would learn most by putting myself outside of my comfort zone. But what is considered outside that zone? The lines are quite fuzzy…

As I strive to come to a decision and winter quarter comes closer, I (again) will work towards becoming a better individual, a better child of God, by opening my horizon to even more new perspectives and more opportunities to make myself uncomfortable. To learn. To grow.

Get Out of That Comfort Zone.

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