080515 analog with Oliver

5 minute song challenge, here goes

I want an…eye to see the world as God sees it
Eye to see His will and how I fit
Eye to see meaning and worth by His measure
Eye to see each moment as a treasure

I hope to…Honesty look myself in the eye
Evaluate my reflection — smiles or cries
Celebrate honestly without jealousy or grudge
Love thoughtfully before I judge

I pray for health and a wisdom to see clear and sure
Not everything is worth sacrificing for
To find meaning in the mundane
To find renewal at the thought of His name

To be fully present and not let moments pass by
Just because it seems more productive at the time
To see opportunty for growth and introspection
To put thoughts into words during constant reflection

To reconsider when I find myself
Seeking attention from somebody else
What does it speak about my true needs
Why am I trying so hard to please

I hope to have discipline to steward my mind
To see motivation when it’s hard to find
To understand his love in every circumstance
To share that love when given the chance

/ meter struggle rhyming struggle lol

080515 analog with Oliver

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