My Turn at an Intro

I never thought I would end up blogging. Trust me, my fingertips are trembling as they switch between keys right now. But sometimes, you need a new form of expression after running out of outlets of communication.

Why am I starting? To be concise, I’m starting to learn the power of words, or at least, the power of putting my thoughts and musings into words. I have been a violinist since I was 5 years old. As someone with a lot of stage fright, I could not stand the thought of putting my words and laying them out in public, and I totally underestimated the value of discussion. And then college began. Since moving in for orientation my freshmen year, I decided to start keeping a journal. Kid me would laugh at that idea; my parents used to make me keep a diary, and they would check nightly whether I wrote something for the day. So obviously, I could not really dive into certain topics and details and it became a tedious task. But once college began, I knew it was going to be a formative time of my life, I knew I wanted to be able to look back and see how much I’ve grown. Thus, the journal.

I’m a pretty old-fashioned person. I actually really despise staring at my computer screen for hours; funny because currently I am at a tech company for an internship. But yes, I actually enjoy printing out my code and editing it by hand. But at the expedited pace that college happens, I just could not complete every single thought I had in my journal. My first time with a blog was when I went abroad to Berlin in the winter. It was more of a means to update family and friends on what I have been up to and my thoughts on the German culture. But man, it was way faster typing than writing. So now, I am kind of doing the same thing, but this is definitely more on a personal level. Where I’m able to pose my questions and thoughts. I’m usually really bad at verbalizing my thoughts, so this is a much better way for me to express myself and record and recall what I thought. I hope this also serves as a point of reflection for me as I look back and see how much I have grown in this blog as well.

My Turn at an Intro

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